Mom to 4 girls—1 born at home

After being left feeling disenfranchised and abused by the public health care system and having three horrible hospital birth experiences; and being told that I should be grateful for it, I wish I knew then what I know now… Home birth is the most wonderful, empowering, enlightening choice a woman can make for her family.

Jenny and her assistant, Kate were my guardian angels during labor and delivery and throughout the prenatal and postpartum weeks, Jenny provided a level of care that was completely devoid with my first three pregnancies and births. Her dedication, professionalism and experience are the result of someone who truly loves her career choice – which I believe is a most admirable one.


At the age of 43, with three daughters, ages five, seven and nine, I was surprised to learn that I was pregnant again. I decided that I wanted a home birth this time and found Jenny in my 37th week. Even though we had such little time and in light of my age, Jenny was willing to take me as her client. And I am so happy she did.

I am very lucky to have precipitous labors and babies that tend to be on the smaller side, so labor and delivery are naturally fast and easy for me; a couple hours of mild cramps, a few minutes of intense contractions, one push and, voila! Unfortunately, my almost undetectable first stages of labor and subsequently accelerated delivery made it tough for Jenny to be there “on time” and baby beat her by a few minutes. But, her assistant, Kate who had a shorter travel time, made it just in time to observe the delivery with my other three daughters and my husband, who expertly caught the baby. When Jenny arrived, she was able to quickly assess exactly what needed to be done and took care of us efficiently and completely right to the last minute when I was comfortably settled in bed with my new baby girl.

The post partum care that Jenny provided was at a much higher level than I had ever had in the public health care system and I had a lot of fun just talking with her about babies, breastfeeding, women’s issues, husbands, etc. during our visits. I would absolutely recommend Jenny as a midwife – she seriously knows her stuff.