Mom to 2 girls and 2 boys—1 born at home

We heard about home births and wanted to try one, because with no doubts we felt it was going to be the best… and it was. Our first three children were born at the hospital and the experiences were not as pleasant, so I pushed myself to go and find a midwife, it was something new and I did not know where to start.  I did a google search for a midwife in our area, for few days I did not have any luck; several midwives I called said that they were totally booked.  Then I found one midwife and had an appointment with her but she was not the person I was looking for.  Later, I searched for Christian midwives and called one, who referred me to Jenny.  When I called Jenny, right away I felt that she was going to be my midwife.  Jenny was awesome through the whole pregnancy and labor and postpartum.  I knew it was God’s answer to our prayers.

Jenny is very easy going, very caring, very helpful, very professional; out of four births, this one was the best.  I always recommend to people who ask me about my experience to have home birth.

My labor started in the afternoon and I called Jenny, she came and checked me, then we decided that I will call her once it is going to progress and my contractions are going to be 5 minutes apart.  Around 6pm Jenny came and seeing that I am having hard time to bear my pain she told me to have a bath and I did and my pain was barely noticeable.  Jenny asked me if I want to have a water birth, because through my whole pregnancy I was telling her that I do not want to have water birth, and I said: “probably not”, but then when I got out of water I told her: “I will go with the water birth”, and I did.  It was the best, not as much pain, no tear, no hemorrhoids, and the best recovery.

It seems that I can talk and talk about home birth but I will finish up with words “My home birth was a blessing with closest people around me.”