Mom to 2 girls & 1 boy—1 born at home

Jenny was our midwife for the birth of our third baby, (and first son!).  During my pregnancy we looked forward to prenatal visits with Jenny.  They were nothing like the wait-an-hour-to-see-the-doctor-for-maybe-ten-minutes OB visits during my first pregnancy, but instead, like chatting with a good friend.  Laughing lots, getting to know each other, and building a relationship of trust.

As my “due date” approached, and passed, Jenny was so supportive and made sure we knew what our options were, and gave some tips to try and get things moving.  Then we passed 41 wks and although there were positive signs of imminent labor, not much was happening.  Though the situation was maddening for probably both of us, and was making me question my ability to birth without medical intervention, Jenny’s insight and wisdom helped us decide how to proceed and everything ultimately worked out.


Once contractions started in earnest, things moved quickly.  As we approached stage two of labor, baby’s heart rate dropped, but Jenny’s skill and wisdom helped our birth team navigate through a scary situation and our little one was soon born!  Welcome little one!

My recovery from this birth was also much quicker this time.  Jenny’s recommendation to rest for several days afterwards, cut my recovery time almost in half, when compared to my other two previous births.

Out of the birth of my three children, this one was probably my most difficult, even though all three were without pain meds.  But I think being able to experience it in my own home environment, without the added pressure of having to transport to another location for the birth was a key element in our positive outcome.  I don’t think the outcome would have been as good, had I been at a birth center or hospital, and Jenny’s dedication to doing what needed to be done was a key element.