Mom to 1 girl and 2 boys—1 born at home

The story leading up to the birth of our son Tanner is a special one, but the story of his birth is even more remarkable. We decided with our third baby, seven years after our second, that we wanted to have a homebirth.    Considering I had had epidurals with the first two in the hospital I was pretty nervous about how I would handle it.


I went into labor just over a month early, too early for our planned homebirth, so Jenny came to the house and was planning on going to the hospital with us for the delivery. However, my labor progressed so quickly, before we knew it the baby was coming. Jenny was so calm and organized, she and my husband quickly collected what they needed for the delivery and called the paramedics for backup.

Our son was born just minutes after the arrival of the paramedics, but he was not breathing. Jenny was amazing as she performed CPR and helped instruct the paramedics on what to do to help get him breathing on his own. It was one of the most scary moments of our life, but Jenny did such an amazing job making sure we were both well taken care of.

I can’t say enough about the professional and special person she is. If you are looking for a great midwife, you’ve found her.