Openings available for due dates:

  • September 2017 = 3
  • November 2017 = 3
  • December 2017 = 3
  • February 2018 and later, 3 each month.

Repeat clients have priority but I am open to taking anyone who wants to hire NBM as long as they fit the low risk criteria. I also want to stay within a 30 minutes radius of my home in Chaska but will make exceptions on a case by case basis.

At the moment I am doing home visits for my clients for all their prenatals, but as our family dynamics change with foster care (if you are interested in knowing more about this, please ask me at our consultation), I am planning to do more midwifery for a season which means I cannot sustain a practice that does all home visits. I am in the process of locating an office space, most likely this will be in Chanhassen and it will be a shared office which means I will only have 2 days a week to do visits. NBM changing back to doing office visits in the near future (Fall 2017) is something for clients considering NBM to be aware of.

Bible Reading
If you are looking for a midwife for a due date that I have listed as not being available, you can still feel free to email/call me to chat. If you would like a website to find other midwives serving the MN area go to: and click “Find a Midwife”

Or contact some of my favorite midwives in the area directly:

  • Kate Saumweber Hogan CPM, LM 651-33-1283, lives in Minneapolis
  • Elizabeth Heaps (soon to be certified and licensed), working with TCM, 651-328-3362, lives in St. Paul
  • Emme Corbeil CPM, LM 612-298-4279, lives in Minneapolis
  • Aly Folin CPM, LM 651-587-7029, lives in St. Paul
  • Jean Hartley CPM, LM 254-295-7657, lives in Zimmerman, does home visits
  • Robin Colburn, CNM 218-640-2647, lives in Milaca, does home visits
  • Rebecca Polston CPM, LM 612-338-2784. Owns Roots Community Birth Center in Minneapolis
  • Erika Urban, CPM, LM 507-934-1565, Owns River Valley Birth Center in St. Peter
  • Eileen Carlson, CPM, LM 952-300-7379, Lives in Marshall, MN
  • Holly Fix CPM 612-244-9928, lives in St. Louis Park and does home visits