TIme Passes and Things Change

I realize that my last post was more than a year ago which means quite possibly no one reads this anymore, but as I learn more and more of what it means to be a midwife and a mom I have more to write. The problem is, until now, I haven’t figured out how to write in here about things other than midwifery until now.

So – I changed the title. Now I can write about either mommyhood or midwifery or both as they collide 🙂 And I do have some burning posts that I have been mulling around in my head as I learn first hand what this mommy business is all about. So stay tuned!

2 Responses to “TIme Passes and Things Change”

  1. Heather

    I’m excited your writing again. I just started to write on mine again too. You read mine, and I’ll read yours. 🙂


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