“Just In Case…”

Yesterday I was having a nice chat with a good friend who is in the birth world and so when we get together, naturally the conversation moves towards birth. While we were talking, she mentioned that a friend of hers was planning to go to one hospital but after thinking through her options chose a different one because her original choice didn’t have a level 2 NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and so if her baby had any more serious complications she would be separated from her baby since she would be in one hospital and her baby would be in another.

One one hand that makes sense. On the other, as I have had more time to think about that – both as a midwife and a mom who delivered a baby in the hospital after planning my whole pregnancy to be at home (my daughter was born too early) I wouldn’t plan my birth setting around a “just in case” scenario.

Ok – here is my opinion that could be contradictory. I believe that planning where you deliver around the “just in case” thought process is like not planning to get divorced from the person you are going to marry and are very much in love with, but getting a pre-nuptual agreement “just in case.”

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