Homebirth Safety Study – Almost 17,000 cases!!!

After being away for so long for me to post two days in a row is hard to believe, but this post is so important I have to share it everywhere I can!

New Birth Midwifery is very excited to share a landmark study conducted by MANA (Midwives Alliance of North America) of nearly 17,000 midwife led courses of care. Here are the highlights, but please take the time to click on the link to read the full article and please share this important information!

For planned home births with a midwife in attendance, key outcomes include:

-Over 93% women had a normal physiologic birth
-A cesarean rate of 5%
-Only 2.5% of babies admitted to the NICU in the first six weeks of life
-87% of women with previous cesareans had their babies vaginally
-Of the 10.9% of women who transferred from home to hospital during labor, the majority moved for non-emergent reasons, like a slow, non-progressing labor, or maternal exhaustion
-At six weeks postpartum, nearly all babies were breastfed


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