Baby Constipation

If you thought it was unpleasant for you to be constipated, let me tell you – it all takes on a new meaning when your 7 month old baby is the one having troubles. She can’t say what’s bothering her – just that things aren’t right. One night – the night we hit google big time asking for remedies – she woke up from a sound sleep and just looked at us sadly before bursting into tears. Talk about ripping a parent in two! That night we found ways to help her fix it and continued to have to help her (mostly with qtip covered in a lubricant) while I searched for the reason why this might be happening. I thought for sure it had something to do with the fact that I could barely get her to drink 20oz of milk when she was supposed to get between 20 and 28 so I would try harder to get her to drink more, but when she didn’t want it there was nothing I could do.

I had already completely eliminated bananas from her diet and tried to make her cereal more soupy but she wouldn’t eat it if it was too liquidy. Then, we went to my in-laws in Iowa for Christmas and I didn’t want to bring a 1/2 empty box of baby cereal with me so I bought a new box while at Target. I was giving her Gerber brand cereal – not rice, oatmeal and whole grain so I thought I was doing good, but then because the box was smaller, I bought the Good Earth brand. I gave that to her and once she got that in her system the constipation totally disapeared! I love accidental discoveries like that and I hope that this post will help another mom struggling with the same issue figure out the problem faster for her baby.

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